German Shooto Championships 2023 with record participation!

German SHOOTO Championships 2023

Sensational participation in the 2023 German Championships

Shooto Germany enters the final spurt of this year's season on 09.12.2023. And with a loud bang. The German Shooto Championships 2023 promise to be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, Shooto event in Germany to date.

A whopping 65 fighters from all over Germany have registered for the event so far and want to fight for the German championship titles in their classes. 54 of them are already fully registered as participants. This means that this year's German Championships will be a real spectacle of Shooto in Germany.

Entries are still possible for another week

Interested fighters and teams can still register to take part in this spectacle until 05.12.2023 at 23:59 via our Federation platform on Smoothcomp register. With such strong fields of participants, the national reputation of a victory in this event is enormous! Whoever wins the German championship title here can rightly call themselves the national champion of their class in our country in MMA.

Tickets for the event

Tickets for spectators to this event are available from our exclusive sponsor MatGuerilla in the store to buy online. So if you want to see the 50 fights in MMA on Saturday, December 9, 2023 from 1 p.m., you are well advised to secure one of the tickets online immediately. Tickets are available from 19.90 euros and are valid both during the day and in the evening from 7 pm for the big final show.

Registration German Shooto Championships 2023

German SHOOTO Championships 2023

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