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German Shooto Commission

German Shooto Commission President

There are numerous news for the participants at events of Shooto Germanybut the most important first: The German Shooto Commission will be led by Bruno "Oyabun" Rico from 01.01.2023. This makes him the "Capo di tutti Capi" of Shooto in Germany, because as president of the GSC he also presides over the president of Shooto Germany in decision-making matters regarding the rules and results.

That the choice finally met Bruno Rico, is certainly not surprising for anyone in Germany. From the beginning, the "Oyabun" accompanied all events of Shooto in Germany on the organizational side, maintains first-class personal contacts with the top management in the world federation in Japan and is himself trained and certified by the ISC Referee.

Within the framework of Shooto Kings 9: Sengoku intensive discussions were held with Bruno Rico in this regard and he agreed to fill the existing gap at the GSC and to take over the chairmanship of the commission.

Collaboration with Tapology


At the same time Shooto Germany is pleased to announce that all results of competitions - also for the amateurs - will in the future be directly available from one of the leading MMA databases. Tapology will be taken over and listed. With this, we continue to create more transparency for all athletes in addition to our Shooto Rankings for amateurs and professionals.

Meanwhile, all results of official Shooto fights of amateurs and professionals 2022 have been forwarded by the GSC to Tapology and will be listed in the database soon.

Results SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku on Tapology

Annual planning 1st half of 2023 completed before New Year's Day

And what would be a year 2023 without numerous Shooto events? It will be completed in the coming days of Shooto Germany and the GSC the complete event planning for the 1st half of 2023. Included in the program are 3 Rookies and 2 Contender events. This means that the D and C class will continue to be the clear focus of the development work of Shooto Germany. But also B-class fighters will not come up short at the upcoming 2 Contender events.

IMPORTANT! Shooto Germany and the German Shooto Commission also work exclusively with the established Smoothcomp software at the professional and semi-pro events. On our Federation platform Kakutogi at Smoothcomp you can find all our events from ADCC Germany, Shooto Germany and Shidokan Germany. All events are organized and managed exclusively through this platform.

Semi-Pro and Pro MMA fighters can always apply for the respective fight card directly via the event at Smoothcomp, or enter for free. Only those who actively register themselves and make themselves available for an event will be contacted by our matchmaker and will be sent a contract for a fight. The software also automatically handles bans and suspensions, so that athletes cannot register again for competitions for a certain period of time after a KO defeat, for example.

Working with a Smoothcomp profile makes the work of the German Shooto Commission much easier, because the competition history of the athletes becomes transparent and can be tracked. For example, it is possible to avoid that athletes register for D-class competitions who exceed the requirements for this. Through these measures, the GSC protects the amateur athletes in Germany and provides the framework for a fair and sporting competition.


We thank all competitors, teams, supporters, sponsors and officials for a fantastic year 2022 and look forward to the upcoming competitions 2023 with Shooto Germany.

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