German Top Team Interclub Tournament in November

German Top Team Interclub X

The popular German Top Team Interclub Tournament is back! On Sunday, November 28 it goes in the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen again round. Luta Livre and BJJ fights will take place simultaneously on two fighting areas. The friends of sub-only grappling will get their money's worth, because the fight can only be won by submissions during the regular fighting time. If no submission was possible during the fight time, it goes into two extra rounds of maximum 1 minute, in which it is started from the back control. If there is no submission even after the sudden death, the referee will declare a winner by mandatory decision.

Absolute Class for free!

To give the grapplers a proper incentive and the possibility for many fights, the start in the "Absolute Class" in the respective performance classes is free for all participants!

Info and registration

All information and the possibility to register are available on Smoothcomp here available. All participants must have a free Smoothcomp profile to register for the competition.

German Top Team Interclub X Registration

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