Grappler of the Year: Judith Ruis

Judith Ruis

ADCC Germany Women Professional P4P: Judith Ruis

She really doesn't need to be introduced to anyone in Germany anymore: MMA fighter Judith Ruis from the Budokeller Bonlanden has again this year ADCC Germany raged again. In addition to her fights at Bellator MMA and DEEP Jewels in Japan, for example, she is also an extremely successful grappler. The likeable blackbelt in Luta Livre has been one of the absolute contenders for the gold medal at all ADCC events for years. With one gold and one silver medal, Judith is once again the strongest grappler in the ADCC this season.

Reigning German champion of ADCC Germany

In June, Judith once again won the title of German champion at the world's No. 1 grappling event, cementing her dominance in the women's heavyweight division on German mats. Further victories and title wins, such as at Respect BJJ, emphasize Judith's obvious dominance in Germany, and we are already looking forward to the upcoming 2024 season with Judith and hope that many strong opponents will come forward to challenge Judith.

Brauchle and Welker in the places

Christina Brauchle is also a really big name in MMA in this country. The European Shooto champion was the first woman in the world to win the All Japan Shooto Championships in Odawara. She was also the one who beat Judith early in the final of Super Series II with a beautiful kneebar. With this victory, she slipped into first place in the women's rankings, closely followed by Katrin Welker from Saarbrücken. Welker was a serious competitor for Judith and wrestled everything from her in the Super Series II, but ultimately lost narrowly on points. This performance landed her in third place in the P4P rankings.

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