Grappler of the Year: Mehdi Meziri

Mehdi Meziri

ADCC Germany Men Professional P4P: Mehdi Meziri

The final ADCC Super Series IV on November 18, 2023 in Wolfsburg marked the end of this year's season of ADCC Germany. Now it's time to evaluate the statistics and see who stood out in this year's competitions. In the Professional Men's category this year it was Mehdi Meziri (MMA Spirit), who won a total of 3 gold and 2 silver medals this season. He left the ADCC Germany mats as the winner 12 times in 15 fights this year. The Blackbelt is particularly feared in Germany for his strong wrestling game in judo and BJJ and is one of the most feared fighters on Germany's mats with this record.

Reigning ADCC Germany Champion

At the official national championships of ADCC Germany this year, Mehdi more than impressively won double gold and also won the Open Class in the Professionals category in addition to his weight class. He is also a regular guest on our mats at the Super Series, where he also secured gold in his weight class and silver in the Open Class at the 3rd edition. Numerous victories at other national and international grappling competitions this year underline his dominance on the tatami.

We would like to congratulate Mehdi on these successes and look forward to his participation in the ADCC Germany competitions again next year.

Zeitner and Avdoyan in the places

The fact that two more than well-known fighters from Germany can be found in 2nd and 3rd place shows just how fiercely contested the Professional Men P4P rankings were. Adrian Zeitner (Suum Cuique Mainz) from Mainz took second place with 2 gold and 1 silver medal (10 fights: 7 wins - 3 losses), just ahead of Meraz Avdoyan (Matrix Jiu-Jitsu). Meraz only fought once at the German Nationals and won the gold medal in his class and the Absolute Class (6 fights: 6 wins - 0 losses) and took the prize money of 1,000 euros for this victory.

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