Grappling Seminar in Leipzig


Next Sunday I will be a guest again at the Samurai Fight Team in Leipzig, the school of Shidokan world champion and BJJ and Luta Livre brown belt Grigori Winizki. Once again I may hold a three-hour seminar in Luta Livre (No-Gi Grappling) at "Grischa" and teach the participants my latest techniques on the topics of chokes and leglocks.

The team of Grigori Winizki trains regularly with me and first-class Blackbelts from the German Top Team and the successes of the Leipzig troop speak a clear language here. This year alone, the fighters from Leipzig have two European championship titles in the Shooto and numerous medals at ADCC Germany fetched

Fighters from all schools and federations are invited. Interested parties should contact directly Sensei Winizki by Facebook or Instagram in order to be able to reserve a free place. At the past seminars in Leipzig, I was also very pleased to meet numerous participants from other teams.

And if you can't make it to Leipzig, you can make a note of September 17. On this day I will show another seminar on Guard, Backtakes and North-South with numerous sweeps and submissions from these positions at the Kenan Academy in Würzburg. Interested parties can contact Rafael Pratnicki to reserve their place at the seminar.

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