GTT Awards 2020 - The Trainers

They are the heart of the team and without them there would be no training and certainly no successes to celebrate. We are talking about the people who give their best every day so that others can learn something and realize their dreams - the coaches.

After you had the opportunity to nominate your coach here for the "German Top Team Award 2020", the four outstanding coaches with the most recommendations were finally sent into the race for the election. I would like to briefly introduce these four candidates again.

Jan Björn Gromann (Budokeller Bonlanden)

Jan is a Luta Livre Blackbelt who knows all the ropes and is also champion of the ADCC German Open in the Professionals Division. So it's clear: he can grapple. But he is much more than just a good competitor. As the trainer of the exceptional fighter Judith Ruis, he is largely responsible for the success of the athlete in her competitions on the stages of the world and also otherwise the team of Budokeller Bonlanden can convince at tournaments in grappling and Shooto and regularly wins numerous medals.

Florian Lenz (German Top Team NRW)

Flo is the first BJJ black belt under me and for a special reason. He is not only enormously successful as a Shooto professional fighter and grappler himself in competitions, but above all his commitment to his students in the German Top Team NRW is exemplary. In a very short time he has built up a strong school and a successful competition team also in the children's area. The German Top Team is proud to have such a gifted coach in its ranks.

Martin Vath (Alpha Fighters Grünsfeld)

Martin is a seasoned veteran, both in MMA - where he once ranked among Germany's top 10 professionals - and in grappling and sambo. But above all, the "army" of fighters among children and adults that Martin brings to the competitions and the successes of his students speak volumes about his qualifications as a coach here. Only recently Martin took the plunge and concentrated professionally on his martial arts school, with which he now makes his living. The support of his students and the entire German Top Team are certain to him.

Daniel Brauchle (Alps BJJ)

Daniel is a well-known face in the BJJ and grappling scene in Germany. But not only as a competitor in both disciplines (and since this year also in Shooto) he convinces regularly on the big stage. As coach of the Alpen BJJ team in Kempten, he is responsible for his students being regularly seen on the winning photos at numerous tournaments of all federations. First and foremost his wife Christina, who last year not only became European Shooto Champion, but was also the first non-Japanese woman ever to win the All Japan Shooto Championships.

You can cast your vote for the coach of your choice and the candidates in the other six categories right here:

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