GTT Interclub Tournament in Leipzig


Before everyone goes into the contemplative and usually also quite relaxing Christmas season, we want to wish you all not only a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but also immediately point to the first competition of us in January 2023.

GTT Interclub Tournament on 22 January

The Samurai Fight Team of BJJ and Luta Livre brown belt Grigori Winizki is one of the most fighting schools of the German Top Team. In the ADCC Germany Academy Rankings of the 2022 season, the team finished in a strong 4th place nationally and thus belongs to the German top. One reason for this is certainly that the fighters from Leipzig were always busy at competitions and accordingly battle tested at major events of ADCC Germany on the mat. The result is 5 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze medals at the ADCC events last season.

Grigori Winizki was always present at the interclub tournaments of the GTT with his students, because here you can gain great fighting experience for "little money". The record of fights per day is still 13 matches, which can be completed in one day thanks to the class structure. Some fighters do not manage such a number in the whole year.

Now Grigori Winizki organizes for the first time an interclub tournament of the GTT in his academy in Leipzig. In Luta Livre (No-Gi Grappling) and BJJ (with Kimono) you can compete here and the Absolute Class you can even fight for free. So it's all about gaining the maximum fighting experience and preparing for the upcoming season of ADCC Germany.

Registration GTT Interclub Tournament XIII in Leipzig


Fighters from the following schools and teams can register for this GTT internal grappling tournament:

  • German Top Team HQ Reutlingen (Diego Figueiredo and Peter Angerer)
  • German Top Team Böblingen (Selvin Ramcilovic)
  • Grapple & Move Freiberg am Neckar (Amin Aichele)
  • Martial Arts Center Wernau (Jochen Gieb)
  • German Top Team Leipzig / Samurai Fight Team (Grigori Winizki)
  • German Top Team NRW (Florian Lenz)
  • Total Combat Thannberg (Tanja and Martin Angerer)
  • Luiz Palhares Jiu-Jitsu / Alps BJJ (Daniel Brauchle)
  • Budokeller Bonlanden (Jan Gromann and Judith Ruis)
  • Alpha Fighters Grünsfeld (Martin Vath)
  • I-Pensa Würzburg (Rafael Pratnicki)
  • Suum Cuique Mainz (Marc Becker
  • Martial Arts School Nürtingen (Björn Kern)
  • Mekong Gym Neu-Ulm (Peter Angerer)
  • Defense Club Öhringen (Gregor Bytomski)
  • Kamikaze Gym Lüdenscheid (Panagiotis Makis)
  • Atlas Gym Heilbronn
  • Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Berlin (Thomas Mehnert)
  • Panda Gym Berlin
  • Dino Team Magdeburg
  • Fight Fusion Regensburg (Jan Zander)
  • Green Grappler Jiu-Jitsu Wilhelmshafen (Dennis Victor Schröder)
  • Ground and Pound Chemnitz (Nils)
  • Nick Fight & Fitness Academy Chemnitz (Nick Kedzierski)
  • Bushido Sportcenter Leipzig (Marko Zschörner)
  • Six Blades Plauen (Eugen Weber / Christian Bräunlich)
  • Military Combat Academy Amberg (Viktor Harke)
  • Ashihara Karate Saxony-Anhalt (Erik Schmelzer)
  • Sambo Leipzig (Max Reusch)
  • Sambo Dresden (Dietrich Schreiner)
  • Martial Mates Court (Chris Wagner)
  • Germano's Team Chemnitz (Renato Germano)
  • Badura Sports School Leipzig (Tobi Badura)
  • Boot Boxing Leipzig (Gilbert René Boutoumou)
  • Playground Fighters Lindlar (Stefan Larisch)
  • Martial Mates Gym yard
  • PSV Kamenz BJJ
  • Shuri Gym Zwickau
  • Shuri Gym Plauen
  • Shuri Gym Lichtenstein
  • Renzo Gracie Schweinfurt

and all partner schools of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network Europe under the direction of Prof. Franco Vacirca (6th Dan BJJ).

The registration is already open and already from 20 euros entry fee you can compete here in your class and the Absolute Class. We look forward to seeing you fit and ready on the mat again in the New Year!

Registration GTT Interclub Tournament XIII in Leipzig

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