Hard lockdown

Dear members and friends of the German Top Team in Reutlingen,

The news about a curfew and a new nationwide hard lockdown is currently overflowing. Almost every hour you can read new press releases and news about the current events. The most important thing in advance: please remain prudent and calm in this turbulent and for many certainly scary time. Panic and fear have never been good advisors and companions! Stay calm, inform yourself and above all, please adhere to the legal regulations and ordinances.

What does this mean for the German Top Team?

Good question, next question. Although I've been reading through the regulations and press releases all day today, I can't figure it out. Is it still possible to train, or are hefty fines already awaiting us here? This is a question that I will have to clarify by phone with the offices and authorities, possibly also with legal counsel, over the next two days. For this reason tomorrow Monday and the day after tomorrow Tuesday for the first time NO training! As soon as I have information and reliable statements on this, I will communicate my state of knowledge and the resulting decisions via the team's website.

So please visit the news section here on the website regularly, as I will be sharing decisions and information exclusively through this channel.

Stay healthy, take care of your families and closest friends and neighbors and be there for each other! In times like these, cohesion and loyalty is the only true good.


Your "Shihan" Peter Angerer

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