Heimerdinger and Angerer win gold at ADCC on two continents

The German Top Team was active on two continents at ADCC this weekend. The ADCC Amsterdam Open (Europe) and the ADCC Phuket Open (Asia) were on the agenda for the competitors from the GTT and our athletes were able to finish victorious at both events. At both events, the GTT finished among the top ten participating teams from all over the world, underlining its position as one of the leading schools in Germany.

ADCC Phuket Open (Thailand/Asia)

Peter Angerer (German Top Team Reutlingen) and Armin Salkic (German Top Team Herrenberg) took part in the Phuket Open. Peter kicked things off, competing in both the -76.9 kg class and the absolute class and facing Australian Geoffrey Follows (MatShark Jiu-Jitsu) in both classes. In the final of the weight class, Peter easily gained control on the ground and secured both the mount and backmount position, which gave him a 5:0 lead. Follows was able to defend an attack with an armbar until time ran out and Angerer won on points.

In the Absolute Class final, Follows immediately went into guard, secured the half-guard and attacked with a kimura, which Angerer defended with ease. Angerer attacked courageously with a toehold/kneebar, which Follows tried to counter with a heelhook and was immediately disqualified, as heelhooks are prohibited in the Masters. The second gold medal therefore went to Angerer by disqualification, who had not conceded a point in either fight.

Armin Salkic (German Top Team Herrenberg) met Yannis Imad-Eddine (Phuket Grappling Academy), the favorite of the class and eventual winner, in the semi-finals of the -76 kg class. For most of the fight, both athletes were looking for takedown opportunities and Imad-Eddine had to deal with the strong wrestling of the man from Herrenberg. In fact, it was Salkic who managed a great double leg takedown after around five and a half minutes, but Imad-Eddine grabbed a guillotine, from which Salkic first had to fight his way free. Here Imad-Eddine managed to get into the mount position and took the 2 points that would win the match shortly before the end.

In the fight for third place, Armin then faced the Englishman Max Ward (210 Jiu-Jitsu). Here it became apparent that Armin had not yet fully recovered from a cold a week earlier and that the previous fight had taken a heavy toll. This fight was also mainly characterized by wrestling duels, but Ward managed to grab a guillotine out of the scramble shortly before the end of the fight and force Salkic to give up exhausted.

With Peter's two gold medals, the German Top Team finished in 6th place in the academies and 8th place in the team ranking. A great success for the GTT at the first ADCC event for the team in Asia.

ADCC Amsterdam Open (Netherlands/Europe)

Coach and Luta Livre Blackbelt Selvin Ramcilovic (German Top Team Böblingen) traveled to Amsterdam on the same weekend with Annabelle Heimerdinger, Roman Styzjuk and Lorenzo Russo to represent the German Top Team at ADCC. Lorenzo Russo unfortunately lost to Dutchman Gavin Luijendijk (Amsterdam Grappling Academy) on points in the 16th final and was therefore eliminated from the tournament. Roman Styzjuk was able to win his 16th final in the same class by forcing Dutchman Nils Rodermond (Victory Fight Academy) to retire after just over three minutes. However, he unfortunately lost his round of 16 match against Frenchman Théo Capdevielle (Infini Jiu-Jitsu) by submission and was therefore eliminated from the tournament without a medal.

The reigning South European Champion and third place winner of the last European Championships Annabelle Heimerdinger (German Top Team Böblingen) was initially without an opponent in her -60 kg class and quickly moved up a class. There, the young athlete once again showed what she is made of. Annabelle lost her first opponent Steffi Becker (Fght Club Gelsenkirchen) by submission after just three minutes. This put Annabelle in the final, where she faced Dutch fighter Rosalin van Leeuwen (Dodo Team). Annabelle also dominated this fight in her usual manner and secured a premature victory by submission, allowing her to hang the gold medal around her neck on the podium.

ADCC Super Series next Saturday in Herrenberg

For all grapplers who also ADCC Germany and want to gain valuable experience on the mat, there is the opportunity to compete in the ADCC Super Series next Saturday, March 16. You can register here until Wednesday to take part.

Registration ADCC Super Series

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