In October again events at the German Top Team HQ

Referee Patrick Deile

After an extremely long "dry spell" and in the midst of the panic about a "second wave", the German Top Team in Reutlingen again held competitions on its premises. Although completely without spectators and audience, but with video recordings and subsequent transmission via our YouTube channel.

SHOOTO Rookies V

Already on Sunday, 11.10. it finally goes on again with Shooto. SHOOTO "Rookies V" brings again the newcomers and newcomers in the Reutlingen Octagon and we are sure that despite the lack of spectators will be a hammer atmosphere at the fights. After all, this is only the third amateur competition of Shooto this year and the popularity for the event is immense. Entries are still accepted up to and including 08.10. at 23:59 clock and are exclusively via Smoothcomp possible.

Maeda Submissionism Invitational

One week later it is time for the already second edition of the MAEDA SUBMISSIONISM INVITATIONALthis time in the Gi and according to BJJ rules. The first season in Luta Livre was watched by thousands of viewers through our channels on YouTube and Facebook and extended over seven weeks. For the upcoming season, a new broadcast concept will be followed. Every day for four weeks, there will be a fight that reaches viewers via our channels. This means you can see concentrated action in a short format every day for four weeks. Of course, the current standings of all fighters will also be shown after each fight, so that you can easily follow the success path of your own favorite in the tournament.

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