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The upcoming ADCC German Open Championships on Saturday in the Reutlingen Wittumhalle have so far already exceeded all expectations by far in advance! In order to ensure a smooth process, they initially wanted to allow only about 200 participants, which would have already far exceeded the previous number of participants of about 150 starters. However, the rush to Germany's most prestigious grappling tournament was so great that they have now allowed almost 250 entries. An unbelievable increase!

Of course, one is extremely challenged on the organizational side here, since one had already brought in advance a free livestream of all fights on each mat separately via under roof. This website will also be used to broadcast the award ceremonies for all classes for each mat in the livestream.

To say it in advance: the brackets are prepared and will be published Friday at noon. 79 teams with fighters from 30 countries send their athletes to the event.

Just now on the official event page on Smoothcomp updated and published the information about the procedure and especially about the weigh-in. All fighters and teams should receive and understand the following information in advance:

  1. After the registration deadline and the possibilities to change or delete your own registration, the brackets were created. There will be NO CHANGES more carried out subsequently.
  2. As stated in advance in the announcement for the event, all classes with 3 or less fighters will be merged with the next available class. We want to guarantee from the beginning that if possible you have to win at least one fight to get a medal at ADCC. Only in very few children and Masters II classes this was unfortunately not possible. In order to prevent that, for example, when merging the classes -65.9 kg and -76.9 kg, the 65.9 kg fighters do not suffer a disadvantage, it was always moved to the higher class. Thus the lighter fighters do not have to keep their original weight limit, but the heavier ones do. In this case the lighter fighters are marked with the note "moved up due to less competitors in the class above" and do not have to appear for the weigh-in anymore, because they have already been marked with "OK" in the system. The heavier fighters must have been in fighting clothes at the weigh-in at least 15 minutes before the start of the class and must have provided the required limit. If they miss the limit, they will be disqualified. A possible "boil off" or "weight making" for the lighter fighters is omitted in these classes.
  3. Friday at noon the schedule for all mats will also be published and always updated in real time during the event. All fighters must be near the mat ready to fight at the start of their class and must have appeared when called. If a fighter does not appear at the mat after three calls, the opponent will be declared the winner by disqualification. Due to the tight schedule there is no possibility to postpone fights or to grant additional waiting time. We ask for understanding for the benefit of all athletes and participants.
  4. Short-term illnesses, injuries or other reasons for non-attendance cannot be considered and the deadline for refund of entry fees, which was granted by us until 01.07., has passed. In special cases we are happy to refund the entry fee for the next ADCC German Open Championships on 25.07.2020 to be credited. Requests for this please only AFTER this event.
  5. Only officials, medical personnel and competitors are allowed to enter the competition area and the mats. Coaches, trainers and team members of a fighter are not allowed to enter the area. In case of violation, the fighter of the team will be disqualified.

We wish all participants and teams a good and pleasant journey and are very much looking forward to the fights on Saturday. OSU!

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