Jan Björn Gromann wins the "Battle Royale" 2020

The ninth edition of the popular interclub tournament of the German Top Team brought last Saturday fighters from 10 teams to the school of the Alpha Fighters in Grünsfeld. In 12 classes of Beginner and Intermediate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Luta Livre were fought for the medals. In the usual relaxed atmosphere there were some very good fights to see.

Results Interclub IX

But the main point of the program was the "Battle Royale" of the coaches, who fought against each other for the first time in a round-robin system according to sub-only rules. 7 coaches and trainers of the German Top Team took up this challenge and to win, each of them had to fight six times on the mat or in the Octagon. The field of participants was peppered with ADCC champions, professional Shooto fighters and real veterans of MMA in Germany. It went in the fights also technically seen right to the point.

Jan Björn Gromann, coach of the "Team Honeybadger" in the Budokeller Bonlanden and Luta Livre black belt, quickly made it clear that he is the man of the hour. The reigning ADCC German Open Champion of the Professional Masters showed all his class on Saturday. All six of his opponents had to tap out and were forced by him to give up. Thus the winner's trophy stands for one year in the Budokeller Bonlanden, before it is fought out again next year. Here are the exact results:

Battle Royale 2020

Gold: Jan Björn Gromann (Budokeller Bonlanden) - 6 victories/6 submissions
Silver: Peter Angerer (German Top Team HQ) - 5 wins/2 submissions
Bronze: Florian Lenz (German Top Team NRW) - 3 wins/2 submissions
Bronze: Martin Vath (Alpha Fighters) - 3 wins/3 submissions

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