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"Johnny" fights at SHOOTO KINGS

The spectators of the last SHOOTO KINGS event might still remember him. In a real ring thriller Jonathan "Johnny" Estedt from the Reutlingen German Top Team was able to defeat his far more experienced opponent Lukasz Zielonka in round 2 by submission. With 9 professional fights the strong Emsteker was already a real house number for our Johnny in his just second professional fight and the match left nothing to be desired in drama and tension. After Lukasz had the local hero with an armbar already on the brink of defeat Johnny turned the tide in round 2 once again and won with a great triangle choke.

Now, of course, the Reutlinger is back on the fight card of the upcoming SHOOTO KINGS VIII: Samurai Spirit on 18.05. in the Reutlingen Wittumhalle to find. In all likelihood, this time he will fight an international fight against a Belgian opponent, but the fight is not yet confirmed. However, it is certain that Johnny will remain with his fans in Reutlingen and will definitely fight on May 18.

It is nice to see that also talents from the home forge of the German Top Team make their way in professional MMA and face here an always strong and mostly also international competition.

SHOOTO KINGS VIII: "Samurai Spirit"

Saturday, 18.05.2019
Wittumstraße 37, Reutlingen
Door: 6 pm
Gong: 7 pm

Professional Shooto title fight -77.1 kg (5×5 minutes)
Daniel Huchler (FightFever Bruchsal) vs. tba

Professional Shooto -70,3 kg (3×5 minutes)
tba vs. Amin Aichele (German Top Team)

Professional Shooto -70,3 kg (3×5 minutes)
tba vs. Michael Ettlen (German Top Team)

Professional Shooto -77,1 kg (3×5 minutes)
tba vs. Jonathan Estedt (German Top Team)

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