Battles and stats before episode 4

Episode 3 of the Maeda Submissionism Invitational at German Top Team showed some trend-setting fights last Friday. Before the broadcast of episode 4, I want to give you a brief overview of the status of the fighters in the tournament so far and also tell you who will meet in episode 4. And: it remains exciting!

PS: unfortunately I couldn't create a teaser for episode 4 yet, because I'm currently in Stockholm with Sven Fortenbacher at Brave FC, but after my return I'll get to it right away.

Michael Haupert: 0-3 (Alps BJJ)

Michael really hasn't had it easy in this tournament so far. With Amin, Diego and Daniel Tempera he had so far three real bangers in this field of participants and improvement is not in sight. After three defeats in a row he has to fight in the fourth round against his coach Daniel Brauchle, who suffered an injury in the last fight, but is also a good 10 kg heavier, which does not make the task easier.

Daniel Brauchle: 2-1 (Alps BJJ)

Daniel had a strong start into the tournament with two clear wins in a row, but then had to concede in the third fight against Selvin Ramcilovic not only a quick defeat, but also an injury in the ankle. However, Daniel remains in the tournament and has a feasible task ahead of him with Michael, if he fights tactically smart and rests his injured leg. It remains to be seen whether he can stay in the tournament or whether René Zeller, the winner of the Alternate tournament, will fight on in his place.

Daniel Tempera: 2-1 (German Top Team HQ)

The "Spaniard" is back on the winning track and with his mat battle against Michael he made an impressive comeback in the favorites pool. However, in the fourth round it now comes to the clash between him and Selvin and this fight is probably one of the most important encounters in the tournament for both. But Daniel comes confident and strengthened from his last duel and will give Selvin everything he has to offer.

Selvin Ramcilovic: 3-0 (German Top Team HQ)

Undefeated in three fights with extremely short fights, Selvin has shown that he will take no prisoners in this tournament. His only goal is to submit his opponent and he has shown that to perfection so far. No sooner have the fights started than they are over. Will he manage such a quick victory against Daniel as well? Friday will show whether Selvin can keep up his current pace in the fights.

Diego Figueiredo: 1-2 (German Top Team HQ)

The holder of the 2nd Dan in BJJ has his hands full in this field of participants not to go down. But with Daniel Tempera and Amin he also had extremely strong brown belts as opponents in his defeats. As the lightest fighter of the tournament, he also has it by far the hardest, but with the "only" 8 kg heavier Markus, he finally also has an opponent with whom he can physically keep up and beat him.

Markus Held: 1-2 (German Top Team HQ)

Markus has also had to pay a bitter price so far. The field of participants in this tournament is a strong challenge in every duel and it will certainly not be easier against Diego. However, Markus has already been able to cause surprises at numerous tournaments with his unconventional style and in his last fight against Sven he also showed his submission skills. You can be very curious in this duel.

Amin Aichele: 3-0 (F-KAS Neckarweihingen)

Amin is the biggest surprise of the tournament so far. With an excellent repertoire of techniques and unbelievable mental strength, Amin is in top form in every fight and is the only fighter besides Selvin who is undefeated in the tournament so far. In such form and focused, he looks forward to his next opponent Sven.

Sven Fortenbacher: 0-3 (German Top Team HQ)

MMA specialist Sven has in this high-class field of participants really a very difficult lot. Like Michael, he was unsuccessful in the tournament so far and has the unbeaten Amin directly the next "hunk" in front of him. But he is also a thoroughbred fighter and if he has to go down, then with waving flags. It remains to be seen whether Sven can pull a surprise out of his sleeve in this fight that no one expects.

Interim balance sheet in figures

Selvin Ramcilovic: 3 wins - 0 losses
Amin Aichele: 3 wins - 0 losses
Daniel Brauchle: 2 wins - 1 losses
Daniel Tempera: 2 win - 1 loss
Diego Figueiredo: 1 win - 2 losses
Markus Held: 1 wins - 2 losses
Michael Haupert: 0 wins - 3 losses
Sven Fortenbacher: 0 wins - 3 losses

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