Install Kakutogi as an app now


Kakutogi now also as an app

We have been working for a long time to bring you the latest news about the activities of ADCC Germany, Shooto Germany and Shidokan Germany always lightning fast and always up to date. So you have the information about the top events SHOOTO KINGS and ADCC always at hand. In this regard, we have now taken another important step. From now on you can install Kakutogi as an app on your smartphone.

From your browser, simply select "Add to Home Screen" and the PWA will be added to the native apps on both Android and IOS.

The advantages are obvious. The app automatically updates itself with the latest content from our website and saves it. When you open the app, all articles and news are already loaded and displayed at lightning speed. Even if you just have a poor or no internet connection.


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