Kakutogi becomes multilingual


Kakutogi now in five languages

In recent years, we have organized countless national and international events in Germany for ADCC Germany, Shooto Germany and Shidokan Germany focused. Especially through ADCC we have reached people all over the world and see from our statistics that around 50% of the views of our site come from non-German speaking countries. For these visitors, the only option is to translate the page via Google Translate and other services, most of which provide less than optimal results.

In order to continue to bring athletes from all over the world to Germany, it is of course essential that these athletes also understand the information about a competition and inaccurate translations are often more of a hindrance than a help.

From now on, the Kakutogi site will be available in German, Japanese, English, French and Spanish. We rely on a paid and professional translation solution from DEEPL, the market leader with the best and most accurate translations worldwide. As a result, we are now able to offer the pages of Kakutogi multilingual and provide information to interested athletes and teams around the world.

Using the flag at the bottom right of the screen, the languages can be selected on the desktop and the translation of the page is available in a few moments.

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