Advance ticket sale closed

The advance ticket sale for SHOOTO KINGS VIII: Samurai Spirit next Saturday in the Wittumhalle in Reutlingen-Rommelsbach is closed since today. And there are not even 80 tickets available! So the Shooto European Championships and the evening gala SHOOTO KINGS will be sold out in all likelihood.

For all those who have not yet got a ticket for the event, there is on the one hand the possibility of the professional fighters of the evening gala or their teams to get tickets (as far as there are still some), or you have to Saturday best directly to the box office from 13.30 clock to get here one of the last tickets. If you can't make it in the afternoon, you can try again at the box office from 6pm to see if there are any tickets left. The categories 1st + 2nd row and 7th + 8th row are already sold out. Tickets are only available for the 3rd +4th row (44,90 Euro) or 5th +6th row (34,90 Euro).

With the tickets to SHOOTO KINGS you also get access from 13.30 to the preliminaries of the Amateur Shooto European Championships and can watch the elimination matches live in the hall.

So, from 1.30 pm box office at the Shooto European Championships and from 6 pm at the box office for SHOOTO KINGS!SHOOTO KINGS VIII: "Samurai Spirit"

Saturday, 18.05.2019
Wittumstraße 37, Reutlingen
Door: 6 pm
Gong: 7 pm

Main Event

Professional Shooto title fight -77.1 kg (5×5 minutes)
Daniel Huchler (FightFever Bruchsal) vs. Selvin Ramcilovic (German Top Team)

Co-Main Event

Professional Shooto Women -63,0 kg (3×5 minutes)
Iryna Godynets (Shidokan Ukraine) vs. Judith Ruis (Budokeller Bonlanden)

Featured Fights

Professional Shooto -70,3 kg (3×5 minutes)
Emanuele Zardo (Shooto Italy) vs. Sven Fortenbacher (German Top Team)

Professional Shooto -65,8 kg (3×5 minutes)
Enrico di Gangi (Shooto Italy) vs. Amin Aichele (German Top Team)

Professional Shooto Women -50,0 kg (3×5 minutes)
Bestare Kicaj (Team Nippon/Switzerland) vs. Tanja Angerer (A-Team Martial Arts)

Professional Shooto -77,1 kg (3×5 minutes)
Oleg Bernc (Renzo Gracie Hamburg) vs. Jonathan Estedt (German Top Team)


Final fights of the 18th European Shooto Championships

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