Clarification by the public order office Reutlingen

Dear members and friends of the German Top Team,

I have just telephoned with the regulatory office in Reutlingen and am very relieved that not even the employees of the regulatory office can give clear information via the "Corona Hotline" about whether and in what framework a training is possible or prohibited. So it is not the case that only we, the normal citizens, do not understand or clearly interpret these regulations and can therefore also implement them, but the offices themselves must advise, discuss and inform themselves here in order to be able to make a statement at all.

I was promised that I would receive an answer and a corresponding decision by tomorrow at the latest. With the time window of two days (today and tomorrow) I was therefore unfortunately once again correct.

I can only assure you all that I will do everything in my power to continue to provide our members with the full value of training and to create a balance for all. At the same time, I ask you all once again - as I did in March of this year - for your support, solidarity and also loyalty. The German Top Team has existed as a company for almost 12 years. During this time we have offered many people a "home", worked together with them on themselves and thus ensured an increase in the quality of life. Countless times I have accompanied our athletes around the world on weekends or even over entire weeks, looked after them and deep and solid friendships have also developed and grown outside of the sport.

I do not want to talk about the sense or nonsense of the current situation and the measures. This would be a topic that polarizes too much and divides far too often already. I would rather like to encourage reflection at this point. What can one do to keep fit and above all healthy? What can you currently do to strengthen your immune system? How can one get involved and be there for each other? And how can we ensure that the German Top Team will still exist after a possible new "hard lockdown"? For all of us and for us together as a team?

I ask you for patience and prudence. I call on you to enter this battle calmly and, above all, with a clear head. Yes, it is a struggle. A fight against the fear and insecurity that is affecting many people right now. Remain reasonable and adhere to the legal regulations and specifications of the measures.

As soon as I know more, which is expected to be in the next 48 hours, I will let you know and share it here on the website.


Your Peter

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