Livestream ADCC German Open Championships 2023

adcombat ADCC German Open

Sunday, Mat 1 (Professionals, moderated)

Sunday, Mat 2 (Professional Masters and Intermediate)

ADCC German Open Livestream on Saturday and Sunday

Once again the time has come! The ADCC German Open Championships will next weekend for exciting action on the mats in the German Top Team Performance Center at Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg. And once again ADCC Germany a free livestream of all fights on all mats in cooperation with SportsGermany.TV thanks to the sponsoring of the Gothaer Neckar-Alb District Office in Reutlingen can realize. In addition, Patrick Deile, the owner of the Gothaer Bezirksdirektion, is sponsoring prize money of 1,000 euros for the winner of the Absolute Class of the Professionals. Many thanks at this point for the always generous commitment to our beloved sport!

Who fights when on which mat?

This is the question that probably most fans and friends of fighters are interested in. Thanks to our years of work with Smoothcomp you can see on the "Bracket & Schedule"On the Smoothcomp event page, you can clearly see when who is fighting against whom on which mat. There you can also easily search for the name of the fighter and so you always know exactly when a fighter will go on which mat.

Follow the fights in the livestream

This will make it easy to follow the fights of teammates in the livestream. On the start page of Kakutogi we have already added the players for the livestream at the top. Now you only have to switch to the right mat on the respective day and you can follow the fights live on the screen in real time.

Over 160 fights in two days

With over 160 fights on two days, we reel off a decent program and provide the fans and friends with great grappling action of the No. 1 worldwide on the screens. It was important to us that you can filter out the fights that interest you clearly and above all easily traceable and watch them in peace.

Saturday program

On Saturday, the fights start with all the Beginners classes, as well as the women, children and masters of the Intermediate classes. Clearly arranged on two mats, you can easily switch between the mats and hopefully not miss any of the coveted fights of your teammates.

Sunday program

On Sunday, all intermediate men's classes, as well as all professionals classes are on. The fights of the professionals will be moderated live and commented. Also on this day it is kept clear and you can easily and quickly switch between the mats while watching the livestream.

We wish you a lot of fun and a great time with the fights of the ADCC German Open Championships 2023 and want to point at this point immediately to our next ADCC. On July 15, this year's National Championships of ADCC Germany will take place in Herrenberg. Here it is then about the official German championship titles in grappling in all age and performance classes and all grapplers should mark this date thick in the calendar.

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