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Rising Sun II

Livestream with 3 cameras

Yesterday, Wednesday, a part of the Orga Team of "Rising Sun" in the office of the Gothaer General Agency Deile in Reutlingen for a conference call with SportsGermany.TV. Important points were mainly the scope and technical equipment of the livestream, which will be broadcast free of charge on Sportdeutschland.TV on 03.04.2021. And the good news of the past few days continued.

Three cameras will be used to record the action in the ring, mix it via a control desk and feed it into the livestream in top quality. Thus, "Rising Sun" offers a free live broadcast in absolute television quality directly at the debut.

"Green Grappler" hosts the livestream

And still in the office another highlight of the Livstream was dingfest. Dennis "Green Grappler" Schröder, the host of the biggest German-language grappling podcast on, Spotify and Apple Podcasts, will moderate the action at the fights live and on site. He will be assisted by René Zeller, who himself has trained for months in Japan at HEARTS MMA in Shinjuku together with greats from ONE FC, Rizin and the UFC.

If you are not yet a fan of the "Green Grappler", you should definitely also have a look at YouTube the channel of Dennis like" and subscribe to the channel. There is hardly a well-known fighter or trainer in Germany that Dennis has not yet had in front of the microphone. And Dennis' podcasts rarely last less than two hours. So be sure to check it out!

With this fantastic news, the event and the livestream on Sportdeutschland.TV will be massively upgraded once again and we are looking forward to more great news in the coming days.

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