Livestream Rising Sun 3


Livestream on YouTube

This coming Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023. Rising Sun 3 in the German Top Team Performance Center at Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg, Germany. Six teams will fight in the Grappling Team Survival Match for victory in sub-only mode and of course the event will be broadcast free of charge and live in full HD.

About the YouTube channel of the German Top Team go on Sunday from 14 clock the fights live on the net. Check out the YouTube channel of the GTT, subscribe to the channel and be sure to be there live on Sunday from 2 pm at the latest.

Teams from all over Germany

Six teams from the German Top Team school network will be on the mat with their fighters:

  1. German Top Team HQ Reutlingen
  2. German Top Team Böblingen
  3. Alps BJJ Kempten
  4. Grapple&Move Freiberg
  5. Kenan Academy Würzburg
  6. Samurai Fight Team Leipzig

We put you here Kakutogi will present all fighters and teams in the next few days in more detail. Don't miss the fights on Sunday and tune in live on our YouTube channel when the action on the mat starts.

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