Lockdown and Corona measures

Dear members, friends and supporters of the German Top Team!

It is bitter and difficult to comprehend what our Government just put up with. The "Lockdown Light" is anything but "easy" for numerous of us and puts many of us in existential distress. Whether it's short-time work, job loss, closing your own business, hardship or illness in your family or relatives... the impact of government measures is being felt by all and is difficult to comprehend at this time. Schools, daycare centers, hairdressers and retailers are open, but restaurants, sports and culture - especially important pillars for health and well-being - are being driven against the wall.

(In)sense of the lockdown

As you can read out, I am anything but enthusiastic about the arbitrary selection of the closed modes of operation, especially because there has not been a single infection in our GTT, we have renovated at high cost and ensured a complete follow-up of the (possible) infection events in our dojo. It is more than bitter to see the renewed forced closure of my business, but all the complaining and whining does not help.

What's next?

That is the most superficial question facing all of us. Of course, as with the last lockdown, I will create a balance for all members. But I am currently also looking at other ways, such as individual training, private training and, above all, training for our professional fighters. I am currently clarifying the framework conditions for such a training offer this week and will provide a worked out concept for this towards the end of the week. Like last time, I can assure you that you will not suffer any damage (financially) due to the training cancellation and everyone who knows me knows that he can take this statement seriously. I ask you again for your solidarity and support, because at least I will continue to pay all other burdens (rent, electricity, insurances etc.) in full and of course I have to live. I ask for your understanding and patience until the end of the week. By the weekend at the latest I will be able to tell everyone exactly how things will continue, should the lockdown still be in effect by then.

Resistance to the arbitrary measures is also growing in government circles, in our parliament and among numerous associations and federations of physicians and scientists. This is a circumstance that our government cannot continue to ignore without expecting corresponding protests and resistance from the general population.

I therefore implore you to remain prudent and, above all, healthy!


Your "Shihan" Peter

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