Maeda Submissionism Invitational 2020

Maeda Baki Character

In the past weeks I have been brooding over an idea, which will now be implemented in the coming weeks. As soon as the restrictions of the Corona Ordinance in Baden-Württemberg are relaxed, we will promptly hold a closed and internal event in the premises of the German Top Team Academy in Reutlingen perform.

Maeda Submissionism Invitational 2020

At the Maeda Submissionism Invitational, we pay respect to the roots of BJJ and Luta Livre. Eight selected fighters from the team will compete without weight limits or performance classes in round robin mode (everyone against everyone).

The goal is to defeat all opponents in the field by submission. All techniques according to the ADCC Pro rules are allowed.

Weekly episodes via YouTube Live

The event will be broadcast in weekly episodes, each showing one tournament round of the competition. These episodes will be broadcasted via a special software as live video on our YouTube channel and are expected to be between 30-60 minutes long. In addition to the fights, there will also be interviews with individual fighters.

Since all participants are sworn to secrecy and the list of participants will also be a well-kept secret until the very end, suspense is guaranteed until the very last minute of the final episode.

We will keep you informed about the progress of the planning work here. In the meantime, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and then click on the bell next to it so that you don't miss an update.



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