Maeda Submissionism Invitational this Sunday

Maeda Submissionism Invitational

Maeda Submissionism Invitational

On Sunday there will be a very small but nice Sub-Only Grappling Event at the German Top Team HQ took place in Reutlingen under exclusion of the public: the debut of the Maeda Submissionism Invitational is celebrated.

No weight classes

Without the usual weight classes, the fighters will compete in this event. Diego Figueiredo is the lightest fighter in the pool with 62 kg and Daniel Brauchle should be the heaviest with almost 100 kg. So it will be very interesting to see how such duels with extreme weight differences will turn out.


All tournaments of the German Top Team are held in sub-only mode. This means no points or advantages are counted and the goal of the fight is always primarily to force the opponent to surrender.

Broadcast on YouTube and Facebook

The event will be recorded in full length, edited and prepared in weekly episodes. On Friday, 07.08.2020 is then at 21 clock premiere on the YouTube channel of the German Top Team with the pilot episode. This will be followed at 10:30 p.m. by a repeat on the Facebook page of the GTT. In full length, of course. All episodes of the season will then remain available to viewers on the two channels for an unlimited period of time.

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