Markus Held meets Frank Stäblein at "Rising Sun

Markus Held

Markus Held at ADCC

Markus "Hero" Held is with ADCC Germany an old acquaintance. He already won the ADCC German Open Championships in Magdeburg four years ago, when he prevailed against four opponents in an extremely strong field. Boo! To win the gold medal at such a prestigious tournament at the first attempt is quite a statement. So it's no surprise that the likeable engineer has already defeated black belts in the heavyweight division with numerous international titles by submission and has meanwhile won the Purplebelt in Luta Livre in the German Top Team HQ holds.

Markus Held at SHOOTO

He is the showcase shooter from Germany. His career in this sport is more than impressive. With over 20 amateur fights in Shooto and the German championship title in his pocket, Markus set off in 2017 to the land of the rising sun to write a piece of German Shooto history. He was the first non-Japanese to reach the finals of the legendary "All Japan Open Championships", losing only narrowly on points in his fourth fight in the final.

It came as it had to come. He was promoted from the ISC to professional status in Shooto, won the German professional title in Shooto in 2018 and has since fought twice in professional Shooto Japan in Tokyo, where he competed with reigning champion Yutaka Saito and multiple former champion and UFC fighter Caol Uno.

Markus Held at RISING SUN

He has never avoided a challenge in his career so far and has competed with some of the best in the world. Now Markus stands as an opponent for ADCC and Shooto legend Frank "Hammy" Stäblein at RISING SUN fixed. Once again an incredibly challenging match-up that will demand a lot from the young and up-and-coming fighter. But he has always shown that he is always good for a surprise and you should not underestimate him in any case. Even if Frank is the clear favorite in this race, our "Hero" certainly has one or the other ace up his sleeve and should be a fire hazard at any second.

In a Superfight according to ADCC Pro Rules on 03.04.2021 Frank and Markus will show the spectators of the free Livestream on SportsGermany.TV from 20 clock deliver an unforgettable fight at the highest level. The successes of both protagonists speak here a very clear language: it will go to the point.

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