My offers for our members

Dear friends and members of the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen,

The current lockdown and the increasingly severe curfews and contact bans are making life difficult for all of us. I know about your worries, fears and hardships and I am sure that nobody feels comfortable in the current situation. What many feared has now unfortunately become a sad certainty: the extension and also tightening of the hard lockdown for all of us.

What does this mean for our members?

First the unpleasant truth: the academy remains closed. Training is currently not possible in our premises, although I continue to pay all costs and liabilities in full. But I do not want to complain or whine here, but have thought very intensively about how I can continue to help and accompany each of you. For this reason I have thought intensively and in detail and offer all members the following measures to continue to benefit from a membership in the German Top Team HQ:

Online Academy

As before, the offer of compensation via a free membership of our Online Academy. So that there are no unnecessary complications with the voucher codes simply register without giving any payment details for a free Bronze Level Membership an. The whole thing is done in 1 minute and I will manually upgrade the newcomers daily to a one-year Gold Level membership. This gives you access to all courses and tools in the community and you can work your way through 12 courses. Especially in private 1-to-1 training with a friend or training buddy, you can already work properly here and grind his "game". In addition, you can also stay in touch with all the others from the team from all over Germany via the community, exchange information etc.

Zoom classes

I am also currently working on the realization of online Zoom classes in real time, which will be available to our members via our Online Academy. Everything from stretching and kettlebell training to solo drills for grappling and BJJ will be included. Corresponding tools have already been integrated and activated in our Online Academy and I am currently working on a training plan for this. This will give you the opportunity to train with me live at home several times a week and we can even see each other ;-)

Personal training outside in the open air

Yes, I am even ready for this "outrage". Whether jogging, hiking, fitness parkur and Trimm-Dich path or Pratzentraining in powder snow. You name it, we do it! I ask you also here for the sake of simplicity exclusively about the Online Academy about my Profile to contact me and arrange a training session.

Coaching in personal conversation

Yes, that is also possible. And at the same time the most comprehensive and multifaceted offer to our members. One or the other has already gotten a grip on their sleep problems, exam nerves, etc. with me. Especially the competitors with us have often enjoyed longer conversations or measures to get physical or mental problems under control. I offer EVERY member also this option and make myself available for a coaching 1-to-1. Also for this you should contact me via my Profile in the Online Academy and make an appointment with me.

Credit for training free time at the end of the contract

Last, of course, I also offer this option, even though I'm sure it won't be used that often and with pleasure. But I just want to cover all possible options. For the training-free time since mid-December, I will "attach" the lost time at the end of the contract after contract termination and thus "extend" the contract free of charge, so that one is guaranteed not to suffer any economic disadvantage.

I wish you all with all my heart that your families, loved ones and you remain healthy and survive this pandemic as unscathed as possible. Please remain in solidarity with the team and me, act prudently and above all please stay in contact from your side. I wish you all the best and much strength for this difficult time. Together we will also survive this trial.


Your "Shihan" Peter

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