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Registration deadline for Shooto "Rookies" and "Contenders

Shooto Germany starts this year's season with a real cracker! In Shooto "Rookies" 11 and Shooto "Contenders" 33 may from the D to B class the amateurs and semi-pro fighters at the start. This will be the start of the current season 2023.

Shooto Rookies 11

Shooto Rookies 11

At Rookies 11, newcomers and D-class amateurs will again fight for valuable ranking points for themselves and their team at Shooto Germany. The past year has clearly shown how popular the fights in the D-class are among athletes and teams. Strongly filled classes ensured a lot of fighting practice for the participants. Up to three fights per event could be managed by the athletes and quite a few athletes from last year already fall into the C-class this year based on their fighting experience of more than 5 matches.

Again this year we want to build the amateurs from the ground up and give them the opportunity to gain experience in the Octagon under a safe set of rules. All athletes who have less than 5 fights experience in MMA in the amateurs can register for March 25 at Shooto Rookies until the end of the registration period on March 22.

Registration Shooto Rookies 11


Shooto Contenders 33

For all experienced amateurs with more than 5 fights and also for fighters who want to prove themselves in the semi-pro camp, the same day at Shooto Contenders 33 starts the new year with a big bang. This event is a preparation for this year's Shooto European Championships, which will be held in June in Herrenberg.

The C-class fighters have more than 5 fights in the amateurs and want to prepare for upcoming challenges. The fighting time in the preliminary round is 1 minute longer than in the D-class and knee strikes to the head in the standing position and heelhooks are allowed.

In the B-Class Semi Pro fighters, the goal is to establish themselves as professional fighters. The fight is over 2×5 minutes without elbow strikes, so the same set of rules as in Germany's popular series "We love MMA".

Fighters can still register for both classes up to and including 20.03.2023, then the registration deadline ends.

Registration Shooto Contenders 33


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