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Rising Sun

Rising Sun"The event will be an event for the top athletes of the federations Shidokan Germany, Shooto Germany and ADCC Germany in cooperation with the WKA Germany. So four associations are working together on this ambitious project.

Fact is that ONLY squad athletes of the respective federations may participate in this event. For this purpose, the respective applications for recognition as a squad athlete must be filled out and sent. For the respective federations you will find the applications on the following pages:

In order to support the athletes in the practice of their beloved sport in the current very difficult situation, all recognized squad athletes who wish to compete in "Rising Sun" will be required to pay the annual membership for the corresponding federation in which they are qualified. FREE If they are not yet included in the list of squad athletes, they will receive a discount. We do not want to enrich ourselves in the currently also financially difficult time for many still on the athletes who are committed.

In order to be considered for "Rising Sun", the application for recognition as a squad athlete of the respective federation must be submitted no later than


have been submitted via this website. After reviewing the applications, the top athletes concerned will be included in the respective lists.

Squad athletes of the WKA Germany are directly nominated by this federation and are subject to the regulations of the WKA Germany.

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