MSI 2020 - details known

Almost daily new details about the Maeda Submissionism Invitational MSI 2020 become known. In addition to the 8 fighters in the tournament, there will now also be another 4-man tournament for substitute fighters.

The chance to be there

It is clear that such a format aims to ensure that all the places for the fighters in the tournament remain occupied. If one fighter gets injured, all other fighters will also miss matches, which is not sustainable in a live format. The solution to this problem is another 4-man tournament of replacement fighters. If one of the fighters from the main tournament drops out, the first place fighter from the alternate tournament will move up to take their place and fill the gap created. If two or three fighters drop out, the same procedure will be followed, with the respective second and third places in the replacement tournament.

Can register all fighters from the German Top Team and the affiliated schools. Then on 19.07.2020 - as far as the contact restrictions in Baden-Württemberg are relaxed accordingly - the four fighters for the replacement tournament and the eight fighters for the main tournament will be announced. Should the restrictions continue to apply, the tournament will be postponed accordingly. On the official website of the Maeda Submissionism Invitational MSI 2020, you will be informed about the current state of affairs.

Replacement tournament is also broadcast

Of course, the alternate tournament will also be broadcast. In the very first episode of the series, it's the turn of the "alternates" to showcase their skills to viewers around the world via YouTube Live.

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