Innovations in Shooto - upcoming events

The German shooters are making history in the land of the rising sun. Just two weeks ago, Christina Brauchle became the first non-Japanese to win the world's most prestigious amateur tournament - the All Japan Championships - and Germany's amateur fighters are also more successful than ever on the continent.

After his return from Japan, Shooto boss Peter Angerer now lets those interested look into his cards as to how Shooto will continue in Germany.

First of all, the season's highlight at national level, the annual German Championships of the amateurs, will be postponed by a good four months. This means that the German Championships will be closer to the European Championships and the aim is to ensure that the German champions are fit and fully prepared for the European Championships. The next German Championships will therefore not take place until the beginning of April 2020.

Also in planning are the upcoming North German Championships, which are scheduled to take place this year.

Currently, two competitions are still fixed this year by Shooto Germany. First, BJJ Championships will be held for the first time on 30.11. as part of the SHOOTO CUP in Reutlingen. However, individual Shooto fights are also to be planned for the event. It continues then on 07.12., when at the fourth Shooto "Rookies" again the newcomers and debutants of Shooto in the amateur area climb into the ring in Grünsfeld with the Alpha Fighters of Martin Vath.

Registration Shooto "Rookies" in Grünsfeld

The most serious change is in "Contenders", the most prestigious series of Shooto in Germany. In the future, individual fights in the amateur area will be matched with the top fighters of the country. In addition, one or two four-man tournaments in the semi-pro area will take place at each event, where fights will be fought over 2×5 minutes with ground and pound to the head. The winners of the tournaments will automatically receive a professional fight at "SHOOTO KINGS" and thus stand on a big international stage. The upcoming professional fights of Markus Held and Tanja Angerer on November 24 in Tokyo show that this is a proven springboard for professional fights in Japan as well. Both drew attention to themselves through fights at SHOOTO KINGS and thus received their professional contracts in Japan.

The first event of "Contenders" in the new format is to include four-man tournaments at featherweight and lightweight.


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