ADCC German Open Championships 2019 News

Entries for Germany's most prestigious grappling tournament are trickling in from all over the world and there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes in preparation for the event. First of all, it is very pleasing that ADCC Europe President Marko Leisten (Finland) has announced his coming to the event. After the former champion Pablo Popovic was present last year and could convince himself of the quality of the event and the fights, this year the most important man in Europe himself will be present at the fights. An enormous incentive for the participants to put themselves on the radar of the European president with an appropriate performance.

So far, more than 120 entries have been received from athletes all over the world, half of which have already completed registration. So it looks like we will break the 200 mark this year and this is where organizer Peter Angerer has set the limit. If 200 or more registrations are completely finished, ADCC Germany will also close the registration early to guarantee a smooth and professional process. Especially because also a livestream of each mat individually on is planned, the event should remain in any case in an appropriate time frame.

The two main sponsors of the Gothaer agency Deile and OKAMI Fightgear support the event with full power and will thus contribute to the fact that also this year the ADCC German Open Championships is a tournament that also enjoys a good reputation internationally and is even known beyond the borders of Europe. This year, for example, all award ceremonies will be held on a large stage in an appropriate setting and these award ceremonies will also be recorded and broadcast live. One of the most beautiful moments of an athlete should also be honored accordingly.

Fights are possible from 7 years to +45 years in all performance classes and the international field of participants already promises exciting and gripping fights in Reutlingen.

Link to registration on Smoothcomp

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