Nominations for the German Top Team Award 2020

During such an enforced break, like right now, you have enough time to reflect and recapitulate. And once again I realized what a great team has formed from all the schools. The exchange between the fighters and coaches of the different dojos is enormous and has contributed significantly to the fact that we as a whole of the "German Top Team" have a great competition season with successes and medals in Japan and throughout Europe behind us.

"Honor to whom honor is due" I thought to myself and decided to give a team award in seven different categories to fighters and trainers: the German Top Team Award 2020. Who knows me, knows that there is no small cheap trophy waiting for a new owner. It has to be appropriate and of high quality. Since just is a Nomination form online, through which athletes and coaches can be put forward for election. Until 30.05. at 20:00 so proposals are accepted.

German Top Team Award 2020

Athletes can be nominated in the following categories:

Best trainer

With twelve schools, the German Top Team has grown tremendously in the past two years and I'm sure everyone agrees that the coaches are the backbone of the schools and the athletic successes. Nominate your coach for the election!

Best coach

Besides the trainers, the coaches are probably the most important figures in the chess game for success and medals. And we really have a few of them in the German Top Team. Who do you think was the best coach last year?

Best Newcomer (female and male)

The greatest strength of the German Top Team is certainly the development of new talents and the promotion of ambitious athletes already at the amateur level. Newcomers are athletes who have been fighting for less than two or three years and have not yet competed in professional fights. Who do you think is outstanding here and deserves a nomination?

Best professional fighter (female and male)

Oh yes, the past year has been a busy one. Our professional fighters faced tough international competition and fought at big and famous labels like Shooto Japan or Bellator. Nominate your favorite and put them to the vote.

"Shooting Star 2020"

And there are always those who go from 0 to 100 in just a few seconds and leave everything behind. They simply clear the table and make it look as easy as if they were going shopping. Who do you think is the "Shooting Star 2020"?

Nominations can now be submitted anonymously using the form provided. Please send one or two pictures of the nominated athlete, as we would like to present them again separately with a picture after the publication of the athletes standing for election.


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