Okami Competition Team Kimono "GTT Edition

Thanks to the good cooperation with OKAMI Fightgear a long awaited project of Peter Angerer was finally realized. The latest Competition Team Kimono from OKAMI is currently available in pre-order in a special "German Top Team Edition".

Headcoach Peter Angerer had the honor and the special pleasure to wear the brand new kimono from OKAMI in Japan at the "Odawara Open Jiu-Jitsu Tournament" of the JBJJF on September 29th. The kimono meets all IBJJF requirements and was approved by the JBJJF without any problems. The jacket is made of 350 GSM Pearlweave and the pants are made of sturdy rip-stop material.

The pre-order for the GTT's team kimono runs through 11/15/2019 and the gi can only be ordered through the GTT's Facebook group or coaches at affiliated schools.

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