Oleg Bernc fights at SHOOTO KINGS!


The last gaps in the fight card of SHOOTO KINGS VIII: Samurai Spirit are filling up. And that with real top-class fighters! For example, the Hamburg Oleg Bernc (Renzo Gracie Hamburg), who meets in a welterweight duel against the local hero Jonathan Estedt (German Top Team). And that our Johnny has to dress warmly here, shows the professional debut of Oleg at Germany's largest and most popular MMA event series "We Love MMA 47". It took the man from mastermaker Patrick Krause just under three minutes to KO his opponent with a jumped knee!

Oleg should already be a real "skyscraper" due to his incredible size of 192 cm as a welterweight and who thinks that the Hamburg has his strengths only in the stand, must also be disabused. In Shooto "Rookies I" Oleg has completed two fights and not even needed a total of three minutes for his two victories. Both with submissions by the way! So Oleg is a real all-rounder and will certainly not make the long way from Hamburg to the "Wild South" to Reutlingen to lose here. A highly motivated and above all dangerous Oleg will be in the ring in Reutlingen on May 18 and try to make life difficult for the local hero.

Jonathan will need the support of his fans if he wants to hold his own in this duel. Definitely a fight that will leave nothing to be desired!

SHOOTO KINGS VIII: "Samurai Spirit"

Saturday, 18.05.2019
Wittumstraße 37, Reutlingen
Door: 6 pm
Gong: 7 pm

Main Event

Professional Shooto title fight -77.1 kg (5×5 minutes)
Daniel Huchler (FightFever Bruchsal) vs. Selvin Ramcilovic (German Top Team)

Co-Main Event

Professional Shooto Women -63,0 kg (3×5 minutes)
Iryna Godynets (Shidokan Ukraine) vs. Judith Ruis (Budokeller Bonlanden)

Featured Fights

Professional Shooto -70,3 kg (3×5 minutes)
tba vs. Sven Fortenbacher (German Top Team)

Professional Shooto -65,8 kg (3×5 minutes)
tba vs. Amin Aichele (German Top Team)

Professional Shooto Women -50,0 kg (3×5 minutes)
Bestare Kicaj (Team Nippon/Switzerland) vs. Tanja Angerer (A-Team Martial Arts)

Professional Shooto -77,1 kg (3×5 minutes)
Oleg Bernc (Renzo Gracie Hamburg) vs. Jonathan Estedt (German Top Team)


Final fights of the 18th European Shooto Championships

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