Open Mat at the Suum Cuique Mainz

It is absolutely no secret that the head coach of the German Top Team Peter Angerer spent decades at the Suum Cuique Mainz was allowed to learn and suffer. Especially the care of the "boss" Matthias Werner accompanied the veteran through numerous professional MMA fights around the world. Angerer has learned his "craft" quasi in Mainz and could rely on the support of some top fighters from Mainz, such as Marc Becker, Patrick Herring, Nils Wernersbach, Daniel Ackerman, Frank Stäblein or Maurice Skrober. To say it clearly: Mainz is the cradle of grappling in the German Top Team!

And the team has produced, in addition to numerous excellent grapplers, some very successful MMA fighters, such as most recently the "We Love MMA" Champion Adrian Zeitner.

And exactly this traditional club, which could already win the title in the "German Grappling League", now invites to an Open Mat. On Saturday, March 14, it starts comfortably at 11 o'clock in the morning. Welcome are grapplers and MMA fighters of all teams to exchange with other martial artists while rolling on the mat. Of course, there will also be a contingent of fighters from the German Top Team and affiliated schools to once again take the opportunity to be pulled across the very same mats in Mainz on the hallowed mats. The fun at this Open Mat will certainly not come too short for all participants.

Anyone who would like to find out more about this in advance is also welcome to contact us via the Facebook page of the Suum get in touch with the organizers.

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