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Rising Sun

Orga Team "Rising Sun

I have it last week already announced and the response to the idea for "Rising Sun" was phenomenal! Today I opened a group for the Orga Team "Rising Sun" on Facebook and added fighters as well as officials and sponsors. So it is clear: "Rising Sun" is not a one-man-show, but a project that can only be managed with many supporters and helpers. Of course, the largest part of the supporters and staff will consist of people from the German Top Team HQ and the friendly schools from the affiliation, but in principle this is an "open source project" in which everyone can participate if they are useful.

This week everyone will join the group one by one. Anyone who would like to participate in the project - in whatever capacity or type - should contact me briefly via my Profile on Facebook write and tell me how he wants to participate. I will then add him to the group on Facebook, where everyone can communicate with each other quickly and easily.

For all those who are in the group and do not want any further involvement, it is then easy to leave the group and thus opt out. This is a step that I can understand in this day and age. So the rule is: everyone who wants to be part of the group gets involved and exchanges ideas. It would be a real laugh if we don't get a solid event with a respectable fight card together in the shortest possible time. The first talks are already going on and it looks really good.

I think next week we can already make more details about the planned competition and will then of course exclusively here on Kakutogi publish

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