Peter Angerer MMA Seminar in Würzbug

Peter Angerer MMA

Peter Angerer MMA Seminar at the Kenan Academy

Next Sunday, the 07.05.2023, the Luta Livre and Shooto Blackbelt Peter Angerer gives a MMA and No-Gi Top Game seminar in the Kenan Academy in Würzburgwhich is led by Luta Livre brown belt Rafael Pratnicki. From the team have already emerged many good fighters, such as the two Shooto- and ADCC-Standouts Matthew Mays and Tilo Kramer.

The seminar is equally suitable for newcomers as well as for advanced competitors. Anyone who has ever experienced Peter at a seminar knows how detailed and ambitious the ADCC champion passes on his knowledge. A whole five hours Peter will show the participants and convey how he could win professional MMA fights among others at Cagewarriors and FX3 against top fighters of the international scene.

Registrations are only possible with Rafael Pratnicki and should be made by Friday at the latest. For all readers of Kakutogi we have a treat for this, because with us there is the seminar for interested parties for only 59.90 euros!

Just register with Rafael via Whatsapp (+4917664863506) for the Peter Angerer MMA Seminar and enter the password "Kakutogi", then you get the seminar for only 59.90 euros. The five-hour seminar includes 4 hours of technique and 1 hour of rolling with Peter. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!


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