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The sponsor of ADCC Germany and Shooto Germany has now once and exclusively this year a week Pick-Up Pre-Order with the completely new collection 2023. What this means and what special pieces are available, you can find out here.

ADCC Germany Rashguard

For all fans of ADCC Germany there is this year again the improved and slightly changed design ADCC Germany Rashguard. Before the Rashguard at the ADCC German Open Championships will be sold at the MatGuerilla Booth in Herrenberg on May 20/21, you will get the chance to win one of the coveted pieces in your size.

European Shooto Championships Rashguard

And in June, the European Shooto Championships immediately the next mega highlight. And MatGuerilla sponsors all fighters of the European Championships a rashguard for this great event with fighters from all over Europe. So that also the one or other fan gets a chance on one of the hot parts, this Rashguard is also in the Pick-Up Pre-Order.

All items in stock

These two top rashguards are with many other unique rashguards and fightshorts in our Ulm warehouse. Before it then goes on to the warehouses of Amazon, from where the collection is then sold throughout Europe, we give especially our hardcore fans a chance to the complete collection.

Store and pick up

Just go to the official MatGuerilla Brand Store and store extensively. At the checkout you can choose where you want to pick up your order. For example at the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen or directly at the MatGuerilla Booth at the ADCC German Open Championships. We offer four pick-up locations in Neu-Ulm, Böblingen, Herrenberg and Reutlingen, in addition to pick-up at our sales booth at the top events of ADCC and Shooto in Herrenberg. Each order will be handed out in its own MatGuerilla sports bag with a great additional gift to the hardcore fans of our Fight Couture. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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