Premiere of Episode 1 of MSI 2020

The Maeda Submissionism Invitational (MSI) was held behind closed doors last Sunday in the German Top Team Academy was held in Reutlingen. A total of 34 fights were held, starting with a tournament of substitute fighters who went to the mat for the chance to fight in the main tournament. Then it was the turn of the eight fighters of the tournament and as already described, the men did not fackeln long. 33 submissions in 34 fights in total speak a very clear language. In short, you got to see grappling at its best.

Episode 1 next Friday at 9 pm on YouTube

In the last few days, they really stepped on the gas again and finished episode 1 of the 1st season. The 30-minute video has already been uploaded to YouTube and set up as a premiere next Friday at 9 pm. About the link one comes directly to the premiere of the video, which will start on 07.08.2020 punctually at 21 clock. Who calls the link can set up a reminder so that he does not miss the video in any case.

Broadcast at 22:30 on Facebook

Of course, the episode as already announced then always Fridays at 22:30 clock on our Facebook page radiated. A treat for our nearly 3,500 subscribers to the site. Viewers will get to see a total of 10 fights in the 1st episode of MSI 2020. We give you here in advance an overview of the fights that are to be seen in this episode:

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