Legal clarification on training operation

Dear members and supporters of the German Top Team HQ,

the situation is tricky. Since the regulatory office in Reutlingen has not been able to make a statement about a possible training operation in our dojo, the legal situation is currently being closely examined by our lawyer.

This especially with regard to individual training for all members, as already happened from November to mid-December and the training for top and competitive athletes, of which we actually have some in our ranks. Apart from the professional MMA fighters, these are mainly members of us, who in the past three years could celebrate great successes at national and international level in Germany and around the world. On Kakutogi are currently the lists of squad athletes and top athletes from our team from the respective associations ADCC Germany, Shooto Germany and Shidokan Germany recorded.

Numerous placements at German Championships, European Championships and even World Championships, as well as numerous other international championships throughout Europe and Asia can be documented. The German Top Team is certainly one of the most successful teams in Germany in this respect. Just think of the victory as "Best Team" at the ADCC German Open Championships 2019 in Reutlingen, where fighters of our team won the team victory among participants from 32 countries among 67 teams. All this is clearly provable and should surely give our athletes the opportunity to continue practicing their beloved sport during this currently difficult period.

Of course I will keep you up to date here on the website and will report immediately if there is any news.

Until then, I ask you to continue to show solidarity and support, because for me as an entrepreneur, the situation is currently really existentially threatening. But I will continue to fight and do my best so that the team remains and survives this serious crisis. But I will only succeed if you all pull together with me and remain loyal to the team.


Your Peter

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