Rule change in amateur Shooto

Shooto Europe has been approved today by the Japan Shooto Association ( informed that from May 2019 a groundbreaking change of the amateur Shooto rules will come into force: in the future it will be allowed to fight with ground and pound in the ground fight at the amateurs!

Shooto just celebrates its 30th anniversary and is thus the oldest regulated MMA organization in the world. Especially the fact that Shooto has always put a lot of emphasis on building up the amateur sector was a special unique selling point of the Japanese organization. Now Shooto takes into account the international development of MMA with the new rule change and allows from May also strikes in ground fighting to the body, which was previously strictly prohibited.

This is very interesting especially in view of the upcoming European Shooto Championships in the amateurs on May 18 in Reutlingen, as this is the first major international Shooto tournament with the new rules.

For all interested fight and score judges, a three-hour official training by the Japan Shooto Association will take place on the morning of May 18 at the German Top Team before the start of the European Championships, in which martial artists of all federations and styles can participate. The participation will be officially certified by the Japan Shooto Association and the participants will be entered in the list of official fight and score judges of the JSA and the Japan Shooto Association. Shooto Europe recorded.

Registration for the Shooto Referee Course by the JSA

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