Record number of participants ADCC Super Series


Strong response for ADCC Super Series

One could not have wished for it better. Already 200 fully registered participants at the upcoming ADCC Super Series on 04 February at the German Top Team Performance Center in Herrenberg at the start. And more than 130 other athletes are already registered and only have to pay the registration to participate in the top event of ADCC Germany to be there on the mat. The response is overwhelmingly strong and clearly shows that people in Germany were just waiting to have more ADCC events in the year.

Plans for further events at other locations throughout Germany

There are already talks with other organizers in Germany about holding Super Series events at other locations. A plan will be published in the coming weeks. If you would like to get involved and work with ADCC Germany as an organizer, you are welcome to contact us here via our Contact form at Kakutogi report. Final discussions will be held in March and the 2023 annual planning will be finalized.

Registration deadline in a few days

Only up to and including February 1 you can register for the ADCC Super Series in Herrenberg. After that the registration closes and the chance is gone. The next ADCC events are then in May, the ADCC German Open Championships, which will take place this year for the first time over 2 days. So if you want to be there on February 04 in Herrenberg, you should make your registration and pay in full until next Wednesday.

Registration ADCC Super Series 

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