Rising Sun 3: German Top Team Böblingen

German Top Team Böblingen

German Top Team Böblingen with 3 Blackbelts at the start

Luta Livre Blackbelt Selvin Ramcilovic, who since October 2021 the German Top Team Böblingen is obviously serious about his participation in Rising Sun 3. Three renowned Luta Livre Blackbelts are on the team with him and thus the team probably holds the status of favorites. The fighters have had tremendous success in the past at ADCC Germany and Shooto Germany and are among the best fighters to have won the GTT has to offer at the moment. We now introduce you to these five fighters a little closer (in the picture from left to right):

Finn Schmid

The young fighter from the Budokeller Bonlanden is a student of Luta Livre Blackbelt Jan-Björn Gromann and starts at this event for the first time for the German Top Team Böblingen. Despite being just 18 years old, Finn is extremely active and also successful. He is the reigning ADCC Nationals Champion and is considered an enormously submission-oriented fighter. In any case a gain for the team of Selvin Ramcilovic.

Daniel Tempera

The "Spaniard" is certainly - and rightly - one of the most feared fighters from the German Top Team. The Shidokan European Champion fought among others already in Japan and is a successful veteran of Shooto Kings. Besides his black belt in Luta Livre, his brown belt in BJJ is also proof of his grappling skills and he certainly feels at home in sub-only mode. He is probably the toughest fighter in the team!

Selvin Ramcilovic

I don't think he needs a long introduction. Gold medals at NAGA in Luxembourg and ADCC in Montenegro show that Selvin is an extremely strong grappler who finishes his fights to over 90% with submission. The leg lever specialist is a true submission machine and one of the most successful blackbelts Peter Angerer has ever brought out at German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen.

John judge

The Purple Belt in Luta Livre and BJJ is the newly crowned champion of the ADCC Super Series and ADCC Nationals Champion. He won all of his victories early with submission and is therefore just right in the Böblingen team. Johannes is considered one of the great upcoming talents from the German Top Team and will certainly set the bar pretty high at Rising Sun 3. It will be extremely difficult for his competitors to get past him.

Alex Budja

The "Kamikaze" is at the same time probably what is called the "final opponent" in video games. With his 115 kg muscle mass, the Luta Livre Blackbelt is a real life threat for every opponent. No wonder, Alex is already multiple ADCC champion and also an experienced MMA champion with international experience. To beat him will be an almost insurmountable task for every participant at Rising Sun 3... He is probably the unmissable secret weapon in the German Top Team Böblingen and certainly the tipping point when it should be close for the team.

Rising Sun III - Grappling Team Survival Match

Place: Gym 24 Lifestyle, Daimlerstraße 13, Herrenberg
Date: Sunday, 26.02.2022
Time: 2 p.m. (admission from 1:30 p.m., admission is free for spectators)

Rising Sun

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