Rising Sun 3: German Top Team HQ

German Top Team HQ

German Top Team HQ with star line-up

The cradle of grappling in the German Top Team is undoubtedly the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen. Known through the successes at ADCC Germany and Shooto Germany the Reutlingen Dojo is the place where numerous Blackbelts have been trained over the past 15 years, who are now themselves running schools for the GTT throughout Germany. For the occasion at Rising Sun III the Reutlingen team has now brought a real star contingent to the start and we now briefly introduce the five fighters to you (in the picture from left to right):

Stefan Hoss

The "Boss" is known everywhere in Germany. As former No. 1 of the GnP top ten professionals in MMA and long-time fighter of the grappling national team, the high school teacher gained international experience at European and World Championships and won the German DGL Championships several times. The Luta Livre black belt is certainly the most experienced grappler in the Reutlingen team.

Martin Przegendza

The "Stonemason" is a true force of nature and a feared Purplebelt in Luta Livre. As the reigning German champion of ADCC Germany, it is clear at what level the grappling of Martin, who can train every week with numerous Blackbelts from the GTTHQ. He will definitely be on the hunt for submissions....

Sven Fortenbacher

The team captain from Reutlingen is himself Shidokan world champion, gold medalist in BJJ in Japan and multiple medalist at ADCC Germany. As a winning veteran of Shooto Kings, it is clear what the outstandingly strong fighter and head coach of German Top Team HQ is made of. The Purplebelt in BJJ and Luta Livre leads an enormously strong team at Rising Sun III on the mat and he will do everything to ensure that his team wins the tournament.

René Zeller

"Lene-san" is one of the most technically wacky fighters from HQ, which probably comes from his numerous long stays in Japan and training in top teams there. Even at the ADCC German Open Championships, René has already stood on the podium and prevailed against strong international competition. The leg lift specialist from Reutlingen will probably be on the hunt for legs as soon as the fights start.

Markus Held

He is probably the most famous and technically strongest grappler from the Reutlingen team. In professional Shooto he already fought against several Shooto world champions and RIZIN champions in Japan. A man who can take on any world class fighter. As a grappler, our "Hero" has been known and feared throughout Germany for years and has already forced internationally successful Blackbelts to give up as a blue belt.

Rising Sun III - Grappling Team Survival Match

Place: Gym 24 Lifestyle, Daimlerstraße 13, Herrenberg
Date: Sunday, 26.02.2022
Time: 2 p.m. (admission from 1:30 p.m., admission is free for spectators)

Rising Sun

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