Rising Sun 3: Grapple and Move Freiberg

Grapple and Move Freiberg

Grapple and Move Freiberg at Rising Sun III

Last November, Luta Livre Blackbelt Amin Aichele became known all over the world in one fell swoop: he was the first fighter worldwide to complete the 50 man kumite in the Luta Livre. The founder of the Grapple and Move in Freiberg was suddenly famous thanks to a video documentary about this spectacle. And his spirit is indicative of the fighters from his team, who were at Rising Sun 3 next Sunday in the German Top Team Performance Center at Gym 24 Lifestyle are at the start in Herrenberg. We present you here Kakutogi exclusively introduce these 5 fighters in more detail (on the picture from left to right):

Dennis Hahl

The heavyweight from the Freiberg team is currently a bronze medalist at the International German Championships in BJJ in the No-Gi Division. Dennis is a blue belt under Amin Aichele and therefore definitely good for any surprise in this tournament. We are looking forward to his performance on the mat at Rising Sun 3.

Daniel Pfitzenmaier

Daniel has already proven at the "German Top Team Interclub" tournament that he is a force to be reckoned with in sub-only mode. The likeable grappler from Freiberg is one of Amin Aichele's most ambitious students and a regular guest on the mats at Grapple and Move.

Amin Aichele

Amin is a thoroughbred grappler through and through. After his sensational success at the 50-man kumite, he underlined the performance just a few weeks later at "Shooto Kings", where he forced the Georgian Nika Bregvadze to give up in less than a minute with a heel hook. The Luta Livre Blackbelt under Peter Angerer is a nationally successful grappler and also reigning ADCC Germany National Champion.

Lukas Märtig

The man, who began his career with the Impacto Team in Stuttgart, is a competition-experienced grappler with a strong technical level. This already brought him the gold medal in his class at Grappling Industries in Munich and thus it is impressively clear that Lukas is one of the strong fighters in the team.

Can Dogan

Can emulates his coach and role model and is definitely a fighter who is good for spectacular submissions. No matter if heelhook or flying armbar - Can has it in his repertoire and also applies it successfully in competition. He was already successful with it at two "German Top Team Interclub" tournaments and secured two gold medals with it. We are very excited about his performance at Rising Sun 3.

Rising Sun III - Grappling Team Survival Match

Place: Gym 24 Lifestyle, Daimlerstraße 13, Herrenberg
Date: Sunday, 26.02.2022
Time: 2 p.m. (admission from 1:30 p.m., admission is free for spectators)

Rising Sun

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