Rising Sun 3: Samurai Fight Team Academy

Samurai Fight Team

Samurai Fight Team Leipzig at Rising Sun 3

Another team that we have at Kakutogi here for Rising Sun 3 on 26.02. in the German Top Team Performance Center Herrenberg would like to present is the Samurai Fight Team by Sensei Grigori Winizki. Now the team itself must be introduced in Germany certainly nowhere, the Samurais from Leipzig are but in the German grappling and MMA scene not to be imagined away. The team of Shidokan European and world champion Grigori Winizki is present at all major events from ADCC Germany and Shooto Germany and mostly with enormous successes. And for the event next Sunday, the Samurais have put together an enormously strong team (in the picture from left to right):

Gela Deisadze

The 21-year-old Georgian is the reigning German champion of ADCC Germany in his weight class and the Absolute Class. . In addition, Gela has also made his first attempts in Shooto in the past two years and was able to win the gold medal at Shooto Rookies VIII right away. A quite strong all-rounder, who will represent the team brilliantly in this Grappling Team Survival Match.

Eugen Weber

Eugen is an old school fighter and had quite a few successes in the "gold digger years" of MMA and kickboxing in Germany. Now he is addicted to BJJ and has already won medals at Grappling Industries Berlin and the huge Karl-Marx-Cup. With his enormous physicality he is definitely a gain for the team and one can be curious about his performance at Rising Sun.

Grigory Winitsky

The team captain is none other than Shidokan European and World Champion Grigori Winizki. The BJJ and Luta Livre brown belt is so active in Grappling and Shooto that there is almost no event where he is not at the start. He is also the reigning German Champion at ADCC Germany in the Professional Division and that alone clearly shows the level of his grappling. He will lead his Samurais into battle and will definitely fight the most relentless of all. A real Samurai!

Dimitrij Chodu

With Dimitrij you should only list the events in which he was in the finals, otherwise the list would be too long. In addition to the gold medal at the ADCC Germany National Championships, he was successful at Grappling Industries Berlin and the ILLCS. The strong grappler has earned a total of 30 victories in the last four years. He is considered technically excellent and dangerous with his submissions.

Björn Herrmann

The prodigy from Samurai Fight Team is downright scary. The reigning German Shooto champion has been in the finals of most ADCC events in the past year, mostly fighting in the men's division rather than the youth division. Björn is the example of the next generation of champions growing up in the Samurai Fight Team in Leipzig and he is absolutely to be seen as one of the strongest fighters in the Leipzig team.

Rising Sun III - Grappling Team Survival Match

Place: Gym 24 Lifestyle, Daimlerstraße 13, Herrenberg
Date: Sunday, 26.02.2022
Time: 2 p.m. (admission from 1:30 p.m., admission is free for spectators)

Rising Sun

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