Rising Sun II: Alps BJJ

Alps BJJ

The countdown for Rising Sun II at Gym 24 in Böblingen-Hulb is underway. On July 24, five teams from Germany will cross blades to determine which team will be the 1st Team Champion of Rising Sun. After we here on Kakutogi last week already with the Southside Connection the first of the five teams have presented, follows today with Alpen BJJ from Kempten the second team from the team competition.

The event is sponsored and supported by:
Gothaer General Agency Deile
Schmid tax office
FUJI Sports Europe
BJJ Fightgear
Gym 24

Alps BJJ

The team from the Bavarian Kempten under the leadership of BJJ Blackbelt Daniel Brauchle is just like the Southside Connection the first time at Rising Sun, but already has numerous experiences with tag team events, sub-only tournaments and is above all very competitive. The introduction of the team has taken team captain Daniel Brauchle himself 😉

Daniel Brauchle

Age: 33
Weight: 95 kg
Height: 186 cm
Graduation: Black Belt BJJ
ADCC German Champion
BGC Heavyweight Champion
Zurich Open Double Gold
Sheet metal fought for all over Europe
Extremely attractive

Marvin Hinze

Age: 36 years
Weight: 80 kg
Height: 176 cm
Graduation: BJJ Bluebelt
Naga Gold
Submissao silver
South German bronze
2nd place in the spelling bee of the 3rd grade
Best Catdad ever

Michael Haupert

Age: 34 years
Weight: 83 kg
Height: 186 cm
Graduation: BJJ Brownbelt
Bronze medals from all over Europe
MMA record 7-2-1
Fights better sweaty

Philip Milius

Age: 23
Weight: 73
Size: 181
Graduation: Blue belt
ADCC 1xBronze
Naga 2xSilver
Knows the difference between shower gel and shampoo

Tobias Guggemos

Age: 31
Weight: 95
Size: 183
Graduation: Blue belt
IBJJF Munich Open Silver

The Kemptner come with a lot of weight and experience on the mat in Böblingen and certainly do not want to let them steal the butter from their bread.

Ticket sales

And for all hardcore fans, the Corona times are finally over. 100 spectators have the luck to be there in Böblingen and watch the fights directly at the mat. Tickets are available exclusively and only in advance at the MatGuerilla Store for 19,90 Euro. Please note that there will be NO box office, but that tickets can only be ordered online in advance.

Rising Sun II

Location: Gym 24, Schickardstraße 36, 71034 Böblingen-Hulb
Admission for guests: 7 pm
Start: 8 pm

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