RISING SUN II in planning!

Rising Sun on 03.04.2021 in the Gym 24 in Herrenberg was a fantastic success! Around 1.900 viewers followed the event live on the screens! Thus, the first livestream exceeded even the wildest expectations and of course this success makes you want more. The fans have clearly shown that even in these difficult times they are ready to follow a complete event on the screen and to cheer on the fights from home. The event can be watched in full on Sports Germany can be viewed free of charge in the Re-Live.


Currently, the Orga Team is working on a continuation of the series and it was also very quickly clear in which format the event will take place. The fabulous success of the team duel between Fight Fusion Regensburg and the German Top Team showed impressively that the fans want to see exactly that. Teams fighting against each other in sub-only mode. The rules for this are simple and clear:

  • one team consists of five fighters
  • the total weight of all fighters must not exceed 430 kg
  • the fighters of the teams fight against each other in sub-only mode. The winner of a match remains on the mat, the loser is eliminated
  • If there is no winner in a match both fighters are eliminated
  • The team that has at least one fighter left on the mat is the winner.

The Pro rules of ADCC will be used and of course this time the event will be fought exclusively on mats. Planned is a team duel with four teams, which compete in the knockout system against each other, which means two semifinals and a final duel.

This fantastic fight day will of course be rounded off with one or two sub-only superfights with fighters from the national (and maybe international) scene.

Interested fighters and teams can now Contact me to be considered for match making. An exact date and location will follow in the coming days and weeks. All news about this can of course always be found here on Kakutogi!


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