RISING SUN II is ready!

Rising Sun II

RISING SUN II is finally fixed!

RISING SUN II stands! At the meeting of the Orga team today in the premises of the Gothaer General Agency Deile in Reutlingen, the concept was finalized and a date was set. On Saturday, 24.07.2021 will be held in the Gym 24 in Böblingen, when four of the strongest grappling teams in Germany will fight against each other in a direct team duel for victory. Of course, the entire event will again be free and live on the website of SportsGermany.TV transfer!

Of course, here we will focus on Kakutogi report on all the news about this in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please visit our Facebook event and click on "pledge". Show your support for the event and be there live in front of the screens on 07/24.

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